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Internal Test

In-house tests will be conducted at both the product development stage and the production stage. According to the clients' test requirements, we will send the products to authorized labs to proceed with the testing.


Strength Test


  1.  Applicable to alloy items, nylon-coated items, and other relevant products.

  2.  The test will determine the maximum load that the product can bear.

  3.  It will also verify whether the product can meet the specified performance requirements.


Testing Equipment- Sea WaterChlorinated water


Suitable for swimwear products to observe any color changes and stains after exposure.


Testing Equipment - Sea Spray


  1.  Used for alloy and metal plate products to conduct a salt spray test.

  2.  This test aims to observe the level of corrosion resistance.



Testing Equipment-Washer


1.  A laundering test will be conducted to observe the product's appearance and durability to washing.

2.  Products adorned with stones will undergo a specific washing test to ensure that the stones do not come loose.



Testing Equipment - Dry Wet Rubbing

This test is designed to assess the color fastness of printed items such as silk-screen printing, heat transfer, and gold foil printing.